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Want to know more about the services at Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery? Our Eastwood dentist and his team provide you with a range of payment, technology, and care options…

At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery we are dedicated to giving our patients of all ages a comfortable and thorough dental experience. Our philosophy is that education and choice are key for patients to manage their own oral health beyond the space of the surgery. Our Eastwood dentist and his team thoroughly consult with you during every appointment. We also offer a wide variety of payment options and use some of the most interactive and advanced dental technology.

We accept various payment options:

The patient experience is enhanced when you have choices regarding your payment methods. Peruse our payment options by clicking on the following link.

Technology to enhance your experience:

Dental technology is always progressing. Our Eastwood dentist has the training and expertise to keep up to date with the latest advancements. Our surgery aims to provide you with the right technology to make your treatment as precise and efficient as possible.

Ask for more information…

Oral hygiene education, payment options, and the latest technology are the hallmarks of our Eastwood dentist and his practice. Feel free to refer to our Media Centre for more information that can aid you in better managing your dental health.

We are also always ready to answer your questions by phone and email. You can contact Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery with the assurance that we want our patients to be as informed as possible able their options and treatment. To make sure that our patients are receiving the best treatment options possible we offer reassurance that we are using the best technology to address your dental concerns and offer affordable payment options that are adaptable to your budget.

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